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Local Economic Development and Growth Strategy


WAGES Project

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Global Affairs Canada
CECI (Centre for Intenationalonal Studies and Cooperation)
Emelia Ayipio Asamoah ([email protected])
Economic Opportunities, Education, Empowerment, Inclusive Decision Making, Inclusive Economic Development, Inclusive Market Systems, Local Governance, private sector collaboration, Skills training

The strategy paper approaches the issue of Local Economic Development not in a ‘business as usual’ fashion, but as a carefully thought through process that affords citizens the opportunity to contribute and own the strategy, anchored on a shared vision of local economic diversification and job creation based on the growth pole economic theory. The processes and activities leading to the development of this strategy paper began with a stakeholder consultation towards the 2017 – 2020 medium-term development planning process, facilitated by the WAGES project. The consultations afforded the consultants the opportunity to harvest ideas, wishes, and aspirations of key stakeholders in Wassa East. The consultations, which involved the Development Planning Units of the Wassa East Assembly, revealed some knowledge gaps in contemporary approaches to Local Economic Development Planning. The consultation was therefore followed by a training of the District Planning Coordinating Committees and One District and One Factory Committee of the Wassa East District Assembly. This training provided further insights into the opportunities and constraints within the local economy. Other activities that served as useful input into the strategy document were studies conducted by the WAGES project into the agriculture and agribusiness sub-sector, the local procurement capacity assessment, and market research reports commissioned

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